I have supervised many BSc students covering a wide range of topics from more theoretical aspects to very practically oriented ones. Here a list of the most recent/current BSc students:

2022/09/05 Thomas Broekman

Thomas will investigate productivity and performance of using HLS tools for generating FPGA codes for stencil computations.

2022/09/05 13:41 · sbscholz

2022/02/17 Tom Jannsen

Tom implements a version of shared memory across a swarm of arduino-like IoT devices.

2022/02/17 10:08 · sbscholz

2022/02/15 Sijmen van Bommel

Sijmen is looking into transforming recursively formulated data-parallel algorithms into flat data-parallelism. This is similar to detecting tail-end-recursion and transforming it into loops, but applies the well-known (map f) ° (map g) = map (f°g) equation through the recursion instead of constructing a loop.

He finished his thesis in August 2022.

2022/02/17 10:04 · sbscholz

2021/12/16 Adriana Frijo

Adriana works on code generation for AST serialisation and de-serialisation from xml-based AST descriptions in the context of the Sac compiler project.

2021/12/20 17:07 · sbscholz

2021/08/19 Michiel Kraan

Michiel works on a programming interface for arrays of n-bit integers. The key here being a dense storage. As a special case, this covers arrays of dense boolean as 1-bit integers.

2021/12/20 17:04 · sbscholz

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