I have supervised many BSc students covering a wide range of topics from more theoretical aspects to very practically oriented ones. Here a list of the most recent/current BSc students:

2021/12/16 Adriana Frijo

Adriana works on code generation for AST serialisation and de-serialisation from xml-based AST descriptions in the context of the Sac compiler project.

2021/12/20 17:07 · sbscholz

2021/08/19 Michiel Kraan

Michiel works on a programming interface for arrays of n-bit integers. The key here being a dense storage. As a special case, this covers arrays of dense boolean as 1-bit integers.

2021/12/20 17:04 · sbscholz

2021/07/14 Patrick v. Buerden

Patrick works on code generation for out-of-core computations on GPUs, i.e., kernels that perform operations on data that are too large to be stored in their entirety on GPU devices.

2021/12/20 17:01 · sbscholz

2021/04/16 Thomas van Harskamp

Thomas works on flat representations for dimension-homogenously-nested multi-dimensional arrays. His particular goal is to investigate the performance trade-offs of different possible flat representations.

He finished his thesis in October 2021.

2021/12/20 16:55 · sbscholz

2020/09/11 Jordy Aaldering

Jordy works on a new semantics for functional array languages that guarantees a certain level of laziness despite building on a strict execution mechanism. Key to this apparent contradiction is a form of offline partial evaluation which is manifested through program re-writes before the actual program evaluation.

He finished his thesis in early 2021.

2021/03/23 23:53 · sbscholz

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